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There are currently no High Gadfly produced screenings or shows being held in the Los Angeles area. Stay Tuned though! We're baking food for your thought in the kitchen of our minds...

Dro Arzo


A multitalented lover of light and truth who had previously shined in the role of Vartan The Great, Dro represented the true image of Adam Noorian.

Dzovig Seferian


Famous for her musical talent, Dzovig recreated the image of Melineh Moorhead to such a perfection that few could believe this was her first acting experience.

Lauren Taylor


Despite being youngest of the cast, Lauren was the most experienced one magically transforming herself into Zelda Blake over the course of two months.

Ed Khashdourian


A well established financial adviser, Ed was a theater enthusiast from a young age, but it was the role of Giragos that proved his true potential for acting.

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Since 2015, High Gadfly has been creating content for the community in various formats. Our produced content ranges between Live Shows, web videos and cinematic experiences. We started off by the release of "The Day After Tomorrow" on April 25, 2015 with a video commemorating the 100th anniversary of the next day of the Armenian genocide, which should be pretty self-explanatory!

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High Gadfly tends to work with individuals from all walks of life. We love to collaborate with people who think outside of the box, although some of our themes revolve around Armenianess, but we create all kinds of other stories, so as long as people are not bigots or extremists and are eager to create something meaningful they could become a part of our next project.



Our content covers a wide variety of topics including culture, social matters, technology, politics, media and more. In stylistic terms, Realism used to be our common approach, but the way things are, there isn't much difference between reality and the theater of the absurd! As a result we now make what we think can best reflect on our take of the world today. To some of our audience it might look like satire, while others might describe it as a documentary!

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