Yuki Izumihara

Scenic Designer

A talented projection designer for theater and opera, and a production designer for film, Yuki is one of our most favorite collaborators.

Laurita Meg


A talented and hard working asset on set, Lorita has always been a part of our production plans.

Mathew Foulad


The youngest of Yes Adam Noorian cast and a musical talent Mathew is also one of our most devoted PA's

Armen Babalou


A talented actor who took part in two of our recent projects and dominated the scenes.

Serj Aslanian


A dedicated team player who understands the importance of community projects.

Norair Nazarian

Production Design

A scholar of art and design in university of Tehran, Norik has always been a helpful mentor in our team.

Arno Stephanian

Sound Editor/Mixer and Musician.

The audio magician who brings an entire dark scene into life by the power of sound.

Vaneh Assadourian


Beside being a talented actress, Vaneh has also been a kickass stage manager and a first AD in our previous projects.

Sevan Aslanian

Post Production

While the title limits his capacities to behind the stage, Sevan is literally responsible for most of the visual content produced in High Gadfly!

Narek Hartunian


The man with a camera who has a deep understanding of art, history and culture.