Magdalena is a narrative short shot as a part of the Workshop with Auteur program at Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in Antonio de los Banios, Cuba
2018 Short Film

Yes Adam Noorian

Stuck between his Armenian identity and American reality as much as his ex Armenian wife and American girl friend, the 50something years old Adam Noorian is struggling to finish the screenplay, that his income entirely depends on.
2017 Live Show

The Voice Recorder

The film explores a day in the life of an Iranian film student and few of her racial encounters in Los Angeles.
2015 Short Film


Armenians of Los Angeles

Armenians of LA is a new initiative by High Gadfly that aims to explore the co-relation between Place and Identity by focusing on stories of Armenian individuals across the greater Los Angeles area
2020 Web Series

When Mama Went Away

tells the story of A delivery driver who has no better option, but to take his little girl with him in his truck, delivering door to door, in the aftermath of a travel ban that keeps his wife from entering back to US.
2021 Feature Length

The Way and The Well

The Way and The Well" (Rah'o Chah - in Persian) is an experimental short film inspired by Iranian artist Abbas Kiarostami and his way!
2021 Experimental