I wanted to thank each & every one of you for creating such an amazing theatrical experience ; it was so close to our hearts, a familiar story that most of us are struggling with in our daily lives; " transitional" status of Armenian Diaspora & Iranian-Armenians in particular.
Garine DavtianAttendee
Thank you all for the show,very touching ,inspiring great writing .
Maro KhodaveerdiAttendee
Congratulation Dro Arzo and the entire cast and crew...great work everyone! Bravo!
Anita Babaei AghajanianAttendee
Brilliant directing and screenplay, Amazing performances, and superb creativity . I hope for the sake of everyone that missed seeing the play, they will be able to perform it again ...
Anoosh ThomasianAttendee
Stunning job.it was extremely close to my heart. Thank you and thank you.
Tallin TounianAttendee
A very interesting play, very well performed, very creative execution with many many amusing details!
Emineh GregorianAttendee
Truly an amazing play with so much heart and soul. Job well done. Looking forward to many many more from you.
Teni KhosrovianAttendee