The Way and The Well (2021)

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August 8, 2018
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June 8, 2021

The Way and The Well (2021)

The Way and The Well” (Rah’o Chah – in Persian) is an experimental short film inspired by Iranian artist Abbas Kiarostami and his way!

An experimental short. The story is made of ruminations in the form of voice-over, that is inspired by Pluto’s Cave allegory.

Shot with every available camera across three continents over the span of five years this video collage can best be described as an experience.

The film attempts to explore the nature of reality and how our perception of the daily life can be different from others.

In deeper layers the film aims to highlight, how screens and the entertainment has risen to the point where our addiction to it undermines our independent thinking, our understanding of reality and our relationships.

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No screenplay, no notes, no outlines and no plan. Each shot was an instinctive response to feelings that were otherwise impossible to express.

The filming is still in progress and editing is simultaneously beginning to shape form.

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