When Mama Went Away (2021)

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May 9, 2021
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August 3, 2021

When Mama Went Away (2021)

A feature-length project in an early stage of pre-production, When Mama Went Away tells the story of A delivery driver who has no better option, but to take his little girl with him in his truck, delivering door to door, in the aftermath of a travel ban that keeps his wife from entering back to US.

With major economical and sociopolitical events such as Covid-19 pandemic, travel ban and the rise of Amazon in the background the story focuses on the relationship between a helpless child and an estranged father who has no option but to take responsibility of his daughter.

Aiming to address lack of social services for low income families and their children is one of the several themes of the storyline.

Project to undergo three stages of financing by approaching privet sponsors, crowdfunding and film grants.

Principal cinematography to last between 20 days to a month. Majority of filming locations are within limits of LA county.

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