Served Dishes

The Voice Recorder

The Voice Recorder is the story of a recently immigrated Iranian film student, “Sayeh Mashreghi,” who has a hard time adjusting to the realities of her new lifestyle in the United States. When Sayeh’s professor disrespects her Iranian heritage, she leaves the class furious, but later in a tire shop, waiting to fix her car’s flat tire she finds a recording of a conversation between the same professor and the Dean of her division, both of whom in private make direct racial jokes about Sayeh’s ethnicity. Determined to use the audio against them, she is inadvertently confronted with her own bigotry, which much to her surprise is not any better than that of her professors.


Magdalena is the name of a woman who is being shouted for from the bottom of a rundown building in a remote village in Cuba and precisely when an innocent tourist is passing by. This is how our story begins...

"Magdalena" was shot in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba in winter of 2016 as a part of the film workshop organized by the Black Factory Cinema and under the supervision of Abbas Kiarostami. After the initial screening the film was reedited, sound mastered and colored in Los Angeles and is now ready for film festival submission. 


Yes Adam Noorian

“Yes, Adam Noorian” is a bilingual drama in English and Armenian created as a multi-media live experience by Armen Sarvar. The story is influenced and partially based on life events of Adam Noorian, an Armenian American Hollywood ghostwriter who has finally chosen to open up about his career and life after being a discreet industry insider for years.Set in the present day Los Angeles, “Yes, Adam Noorian” conveys the story of an Armenian immigrant from Iran, who after years of screenplay writing and ghost writing in English and within the American entertainment industry is still contemplating to write stories and make films in his native Armenian. Overwhelmed by a recent divorce from his wife “Melineh” he is meanwhile hesitant to make a commitment towards her new American girlfriend “Zelda”. Struggling with a writer’s block that could jeopardize his future and stuck in the middle of a love triangle, we see through Adam’s challenges of overcoming his midlife crisis as he constantly has to deal with mesmerizing memories of past and a bitter sense of not belonging in present.

The Day Afternn

Looking back at the events of the Armenian genocide this video poem is offering a new approach in dealing with the horrendous atrocities that took place in 1915 now over hundred years ago.